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Vampires Vs Zombies Jogos para Baixar

Controle as forças vampiras para deter uma infestação de zumbis em escala catastrófica em: Vampires vs. Zombies, um jogo maluco de gerenciamento de tempo.

Controle as forças vampiras para deter uma infestação de zumbis em escala catastrófica em: Vampires vs. Zombies, um jogo maluco em português de gerenciamento de tempo. Quando os zumbis asquerosos chegam à Transilvânia na esperança de conseguir miolos saboros, você deve unir-se as forças das trevas para criar as armas necessárias e repelir o ataque. As apostas vão ser altas, você vai precisar colher e vender produtos agrícolas para criar armas e batalhar os zumbis. Você vai convencer o Conde a ficar ao seu lado?

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Yeneiry, Wednesday, 09th of September 2015, 12:15 PM, #2
First off, weapons!!! Ill gahter up some people(10 at most) and each will have one of their own weapon and a knife. Then after that somebody will have no weapons, but a big bag. That will be full of food(mostly canned!) and water(not plastic)I will have a sword and 2 pistals. Brother has swords ^.^but after that we will TRY and get a money truck, if we can't get in then a big truck. We will also have some oil in the back of it! after we are ready to go, where driving to the mall in Miami!! Because it closes very secure, and is pretty big. So that's our shelter, and we kill when[if] they get in. me and my sister got talking about this before ad txted a like 2 hour plan of what we will do if something happens.I have another for the end of the world too!
Suneva, Thursday, 07th of June 2012, 01:25 AM, #1
I just listened to the Zompires short last night, and I wetand to give my opinion on the subject. I agree with you that they could not exist, and my reason is two fold. First, like John mentioned above, zombies have no blood, at least no flowing blood with living blood cells. They may have a thick coagulated substance that used to be blood, but no vampire is going to want that. Now Bob brought up the point that a vampire might bite someone who is still living but had recently contracted the zombie virus. One of the key strengths of a vampire is that they are immortal. They live for hundreds or thousands of years, and I have never heard of a vampire getting a cold or an STD or any time of virus or bacteria. I believe their immortality includes a resistance to any type of sickness, therefore the zombie virus, no matter haw strongly it affects humans, would just die once it entered their immortal bloodstream. Now as for the human who was recently infected with the zombie virus but gets bit by the vampire if the vampire was biting them with the intention of turning them into another vampire, I think the effects of the vampires infection if you will, of immortality and immunity to all sickness would overtake and eliminate the zombie virus in their human blood, thus changing them into a vampire. If the vampires intention was to completely drain the human of all blood for feeding purposes, well then you have a dead human that would then rise from their infection with the zombie virus. I hope this makes sense, as this is my opinion on the subject. Let me know what you think you big handsome man LOL.
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